What My Kid Taught Me About Technology

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Technology has always found a way to fascinate me. But, the surprising thing is I don’t know much about the ways on how to use it!

Researching about how to use technology is also a hindrance for me. I can only conduct such research online. And, what am I to do if I don’t even know how to efficiently use digital gadgets?

I guess I’m not alone. Science Daily cites in one of its articles that according to Journal Of Communication, 30-40% of parents learn how to use the computer and the internet with the help from their kids.

Thank god I’ve found the solution to my problem. My son is 22 years old. He has been doing a great job in guiding me how to use technological tools at their optimal best.

Everything Is Online

I’ve learned from my son that everything I’m looking for is available online. The conveniences of shopping online have never made things so much easier. My son taught me how to use my credit card to purchase stuff. I learned that I need to have an anti-virus software installed in my computer to safely use my credit card for shopping.

I Can Watch Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

I recently discovered that I can watch movies and television shows online, in high-quality, through Netflix.  Netflix lets me watch old movies that aren’t available anymore in television. Truly, I have been left behind in the trends of technology for a long time. I learned that Netflix has been in existence since 1997, and I didn’t even know about it!

I Can Socialize in Online Games


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I never actually knew how online games work. I learned from my son though, that they can be an avenue for people to socialize in. Games like Farmville from Facebook provide the needed interaction with other individual players. Along the way, I get to meet and mingle with other people, even though it’s just through online.

I believe grown-up children should be given the liberty to explore their independence and interests. If I had not applied this principle in the relationship management with my grown-up son, he wouldn’t have been able to teach me efficient technology use. I definitely disagree having parents as child’s security device, when it’s not necessary.

I Can Retrieve Business Background Information

Grown-up children definitely know a lot about technology usage than younger children. My son recently graduated from college. He taught me how to use Google search engine to find websites of organizations. I’m currently doing business with many organizations. I need to be aware about their background information to determine if it’s safe to enter transactions with these corporations.

Sure enough, after searching Google using certain keywords, I was able to find what I was looking for. I easily retrieved client testimonials and industry reputation from sites of various organizations.

Social Media Usage for Fun

Parenting has never been so much fun as learning to use Facebook from my own kid! I’m now able to connect with friends, old and new, in real time. I take pride in having my son teach me the basics of sharing photos and insights in other social sites, in addition to Facebook. My son has also taught me how to connect with loved ones and friends on Twitter and Google Plus.

I wouldn’t have been able to feel good inside sharing the greatest moments in my life if I did not learn how to use social media.

Earn a Living Online

I do realize that in today’s digital age, I did not have to be so paranoid about child safety online. Of course, I supervised my son when he was younger. I had to make sure he was accessing appropriate materials on the internet. But, I figured, applying a little leniency to permit my son to use technology is essential to keep up with the new digital generation.

I’m now reaping the benefits of applying such leniency. If my son did not learn to use technology at an early age, he would not have taught me the essentials in obtaining an online job. Since obtaining my first online job, I have been able to earn a substantial amount of money. I would not have had the ability to sustain a comfortable life if I did not get hired for the mentioned job.

Make VOIP Calls


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Saving money on phone calls has never been so easy since I learned to use the internet. Now, I don’t have to install a landline phone at home, thanks to Skype. My son taught me how to make voice over internet phone (VOIP) calls. I’ve had the opportunity to spend my money shopping for some clothes, since I learned to use Skype for VOIP calls. No worries, because I have my cellphone to receive incoming calls.

Send an E-Card

Ever wonder if you can send a greeting card instantly? I just found out I can send and receive an e-card online. Different designs and themes for a card are available, too. You can even avail of musical cards, if you want to. My son gave me some sites where I can do this. Now, I don’t have to go to the post office to send a birthday or Christmas card. What’s more, the receiver gets the greeting card in his email within minutes of sending!

Group Chat in Google Hangouts

I didn’t even know Group Chat existed in Google Hangouts until only now. Discovering Group Chat allows me to engage in a live conversation with several people at once, just like in real life. Group Chat lets me feel that my relatives living overseas are just nearby, despite the distance.

Google’s Online Version of MS Word

Now there’s a way for me to write my professional documents in MS Word online. Using Google Docs saves me the hassle of attaching a document in email, and sending it to multiple recipients. With just one click, I’m able to share my documents to multiple professional and personal contacts, without the hassle.

I couldn’t thank my son enough for helping me lead a better life by teaching me how to use technology expertly. The tutorials my son conducted has helped me become more satisfied with accomplishing my goals. I can definitely say it’s not only kids who look up to their parents as role models. Truly, what parents can learn from their children are priceless and invaluable, as well.

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