How to avoid being burglarized?

How will you know if you’re already a target of thieves? Find out what they could be looking for to know how to avoid being burglarized.

1)     Profiling. Burglars count on routines to create this window where they could take advantage. Little changes in your routine can be a great deterrent for burglars who could be profiling you. This is the same knowledge we apply on our neighborhood watch, avoiding predictability.

2)     Looks Easy. Burglary is premeditated. If your house looks easy, you fit the plan. What makes your home an easy target? If the house has poorly maintained lawns and façade, or if a condo has simple door mechanism, it’s an easy target. A study suggests that 30% of burglaries occur without using force. Make your home look like a fortress or complex enough for burglars to think twice.

3)     The Getaway. Most of the time the heist is over before it began. Burglars count on swiftly easing through your home, getting the first thing on sight with the most value and take off.

4)     The People in your Neighborhood. Who are the people in your neighborhood? Take time to know. It pays to know. As, a neighborhood watch program, suggests that familiarity is a big factor among perpetrators. It is therefore logical for the solution to come from within the community.

5)     A Building Full of Strangers. With the boom of living in condominiums as a convenient, safe and secure way of living come a real risk, you are an easier target. If security is lax or easy to get around to, thieves can easily disappear with the high density of people coming in and out of your building. Get involved with your high-rise community.

6)     Crime of Opportunity. Sometimes it’s just an unlocked door and a burglar passing by, taking chance. Prevalent in buildings, where a false sense of security give you a tendency to be lax knowing that guards are downstairs doing their job. Do your part: lock your door, and close your windows.

7)     What’s inside? In that little amount of time, they know where to look. And that means from the safe to the sock drawer. Things of value lying around and easy to carry are the first ones to go.

It is a little dismal that there is an average of over 2 million burglaries happening all over the country. More dismal is the fact that it happens at home 66% of the time. Like most ills, prevention is our best cure. It’s good to know that little things that we can easily do daily can help prevent us from becoming victims.

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