How I end up in Los Angeles?

I’m an Angeleno at heart. Though originally, I’m a Brooklyn girl, Los Angeles has never felt like a second home to me.

Before moving in L.A., I have been active in freelance writing. Back in my college days, I would win in essay writing contests, and even in rhetoric recitals. I believe that at that moment, I was drawn to do something I never thought I will end up doing – writing. I have published materials in magazines, while some, ranged from everyday photos. Bowling and musicals are the theme of my photography, which is why I pretty much stayed in bowling alleys and theater houses back then, taking random pictures of people or anything that catches my attention. Mostly, my photos are in black and white and embraced gestures of people. Below are some samples.


Bowling alley at Maple Lanes

Merriam Theater

Merriam Theater, Philadelphia

Because of the new found feat, I took up classes in Focus Camera, a specialty school in Brooklyn, to hone my skills, and better my knowledge in photography. We had our first exhibit in Los Angeles County Museum of Art where I met the likes of Alan Maclean, Terry O’Neill, and Josef Hoflehner. The display was grand, and utterly a mimic of the self- aggrandizing, red carpet event. It was a privilege to have my work viewed, and appreciated by the public. A person, in the name of James Harper, approached me and said that mine were the best he yet had seen his entire life. I should have concurred since he’s an architect, if only he did not flash the killer smile, because I fell in love right away. We had several talks over some coffee, and the next thing I knew, he proposed, and asked me to live with him in Los Angeles where he promised me to build a house for the both of us, and move in, once I was ready to leave Brooklyn.

It took me a year to finally cement my decision, since I have to cater some activities in progress, just like my career in writing and photography. But after getting married to him, and adapting to L.A., the decision was all worth it. And on top of it, we had two, adorable sons.

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