Guest Post: Peace Of Mind While Vacationing With Home Security

When you go on vacation, you want to make sure your home is safe. Many criminals in the area target homes that are not being occupied – it’s the primetime to get in and get out – with all of your valuables. Anyone who’s seen Home Alone can appreciate the value of a home security system – especially since not everyone is going to leave their child home to protect everything inside.

“There are some different home security systems that you can look into in order to provide security for you, your family and your home,” explains Erin Raub, Senior Editor at Safe Sound Family. Some of the most common systems include:

- Monitored systems

- Flood lights

- High pitched alarms

- CCTV security

Not all of the home security systems work all of the time – especially when you’re not at home to do anything about an intruder or a potential intruder on your property. Therefore you will want to choose your system wisely – and be sure that you have a backup system as well.

“While it’s always nice to live in a secure neighborhood with a security gate when you drive in and a neighborhood watch program that’s always looking out for things, life isn’t always that easy,” says Raub. “This means that you will have to take matters into your own hands – and find a viable solution for your home security.”

The monitored systems can either be hardwired to the phone systems or they can be wireless. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In the end, however, the one that is wired can be cut if the burglars know what they are doing – which means that your home is left vulnerable. When you have a monitored system, an alarm is triggered that goes to a call center. The call center then makes a notification to the authorities.

When you are on vacation and cannot make a call on your own, this is the kind of security that’s going to give you the greatest peace of mind. You want someone who’s going to call the authorities so you know that someone is headed out to your home to check things out. If you don’t have anyone going out to your home, you don’t really know if anything was stolen, damaged or otherwise tampered with. If you are on vacation, the monitoring company will also notify you so you are not left in the dark as to what’s going on with your home.

This isn’t to say that monitoring is the only system that you want in your home. Especially when you’re on vacation, if you can help it, you’d rather not have a burglar come close enough to your home to trigger an alarm that’s going to send people out to your home. Instead, you want to do what you can to deter the criminal from the very beginning.

While a dog barking can work in some cases, you may not have left your dog home alone when you’re on vacation. Instead, you may want to use flood lights and high pitched alarms to deter a criminal. If they get close enough to your home, lights will come on. As they get even closer and touch something, the high pitched alarms can start going off.

The CCTV security system, where you have closed caption cameras in place with a TV inside may not be the best security when you are on vacation, but many burglars will look for the cameras. If they see a camera placed anywhere on the home, they may skip your house simply because they don’t want to take the chance of being caught on TV.

Whether you’re going to the beaches, the mountains or anywhere else on the planet for your vacation, you want to be able to kick back and relax, knowing that your home is safe without you watching over it. Some kind of home security system is needed and it’s always best when you combine a few different types of security in order to get the maximum benefit.

You don’t want to get back from a peaceful vacation only to find out that your house has been broken into. It will make it harder to catch the culprit because you won’t know when it happened, which makes it harder for the authorities.

It’s best to invest in a home security system so you can set it and enjoy your vacation.

About the Guest Author: Katelyn Roberts is a family fun and safety enthusiast who contributes to a variety of blogs based on her knowledge and experience. She is always looking for new crafty idea and opportunities to enjoy with her family and friends alike.

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