Five Health Myths that We Grew Up Believing

From workout routine here-says to meal plan suggestions, it’s definitely hard to determine which ones are true and which ones are not. With the overwhelming amount of information that you can find on the Internet, we’ve busted a few health myths to help you distinguish fact from fiction.

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1. Diet sodas help you lose weight.
Many people are tricked into believing that drinking diet sodas can actually help them shed off unwanted pounds because sodas have “no sugar” and have fewer calories. You may want to think twice before consuming such products since sodas use artificial sweeteners or aspartame that will condition your body to crave for more real sweets. Take note that having more than the regular intake of sweet food and drinks such as; chocolates, milk, cola, tarts, peanut butter and jam can lead to a sudden rise in your blood pressure that can clog the arteries of your heart. Drink water as a substitute for soda because it aids in proper blood circulation, digestion and hydration. You can also drink smoothies or juices that are made from fresh fruits like apple, orange, or lemon using the blender as it preserves natural fibers from these fruits.

2. Table sugar increases your chances of having diabetes.
Although sugar (refined or not) is known to aggravate diabetes, it alone doesn’t cause diabetes. Basically, when you consume different types of food and drinks that may or may not contain the typical table sugar, they can still over exhaust your liver, pancreas and kidneys. These organs monitor and regulate the amount of nutrients in your body. Once excess nutrients from other sources enter your body, they are converted into starch and are later broken down further into sucrose and glucose which are another forms of sugar, your body-regulating organs are forced to work double time, absorbing only what is needed and dispelling the excess. Such bodily activities decrease the amount of insulin and also increase the blood pressure. Don’t literally deprive yourself of sweets. Consume only small amounts because you also have to keep your energy in check.

3. Carrots can provide you with a clear eye sight.
Some of you may be accustomed of eating carrots as a part of your diet or workout routine because of the idea that it keeps your vision crystal-clear. This is not exactly true. According to the Age-Related Eye Disease Study, while carrots contain Beta Carotene or Vitamin A, that prevents Macular Degeneration or poor eye sight due to old age, the findings are inconclusive and they found other alternatives like avocados and blackberries to contain large quantities of Vitamin B, C and K, aside from A which makes them more beneficial than carrots.

You are what you eat (or drink). However, too much of everything is always bad so you have to take things moderately to make sure that you only get what your body deserves.

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