Burglary and Its Unwanted Psychological Effects on Victims

Burglary is a common type of crime. When burglars and robbers attack, they don’t just forcefully take your material properties and personal belongings. They also rob you of your sense of security, leaving you traumatized and paranoid. When you hear of burglary, you panic and get scared so easily. Burglaries always have long-term negative impacts on victims.

It would be so hard to feel safe again. There will be a lot of sleepless nights, difficulty of closing your eyes and bad dreams. It would be as if you are living in fear, with heightened senses and constant panic. There would also be moments of staring into nothingness, thinking what if you were directly harmed by the burglar, what if the house was thoroughly secured and protected, what if your sentimental item was kept in safety, what if they come back for more.

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A Burglar Trying to Break Into a House Using a Crowbar
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Victims react depending on the person, what has been stolen, and the act of burglary itself. If not subtle, there are times when the burglar causes direct or indirect harm, destruction of property, or scandal. There are victims that don’t feel worried about the stolen items because they could be easily replaced. But others could be so upset and stressed out if the items are of significant value.

A house is a home and it must be safe and secure. Due to these psychological and emotional effects, these can lead to making the house more secure by purchasing home alarm systems and doubling or even tripling the locks of the windows and doors. The fear of being a victim again triggers a victim’s instinct in having a home security system installed. Instead of living in terror and anxiety, a burglary victim can cope up with the same incident by preventing it to happen again.

Surveillance Camera - weatherproof day-night w/ wide dynamic range, manual zoom, and long range IR

Home Security System
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If the victim owns his own house, it is easy to install home alarm systems. But if the burglary happened in an apartment or other housing facility, inform the landlord about the incident right away. It is important to make the home secure again after being prone to breaking in. If you cannot purchase an alarm system right away, do easy security measures such as leaving lights open and double checking locks and other possible places of entry. Be sure to get in touch with the police.

A Neighborhood Watch Signage to Prevent Criminal Activities
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Aside from having an alarm system, it is best to consider Neighbourhood Watch as the community’s alarm system. It is a crime watch that focuses in a neighbourhood comprised of a group of concerned citizens in the area. They protect the neighbourhood from burglary, robbery, and other criminal activities. Neighbourhood Watch is intended to prevent these things from happening and not to intervene or put the law in their hands.

A Neighbourhood Watch is an alternative alarm system especially if your house is situated in a community where people are concerned with each other’s safety and look after the security of each other’s home.

Victims should ask help right away from a family member or trusted person. There could still be a way to retrieve the lost items and capturing of the burglar if reported to the police as soon as possible. Ask for counselling to ease the trauma and fear. Also, it is very important to ask for advice on what alarm system is best to use depending on the structure of the house. Installation of a home security system should be done by a professional. If there is a need for additional locks or repairs of damaged doors or windows, ask for assistance. The importance of having the best support system is needed in times like these.

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