Bringing Active Back

The debate on whether modern technology has so far been beneficial, or disadvantageous, probably has no end. Many of us, who have grown accustomed to having all these marvels of technology around, have found ways and means by which we can use them to our best advantage, and not necessarily fall prey to abuse or overuse, or lack of critical thinking whenever we make use of every single gadget, software, hardware or whatever technological stuff we get our hands on.We probably do not notice it, or for some of us, actually try our best to deny it, but our young population is truly one sector that is so much affected by this modernization. The older population, probably those in the 60-plus age bracket, may already resist altogether the quite complex learning that goes with today’s technology and simply depends upon the younger generation to help them. The middle-aged group is still relatively receptive on these changes, but probably without much passion and merely on a per-need basis. But, and this cannot be denied as you look around, our younger generation and more so kids of school age, embrace the new lifestyle and technological advancement with much passion and enthusiasm.


Not to be self-righteous for my generation that is also known to have been so preoccupied with the ‘boob tube’ in our younger years, today’s kids are truly getting worse when it comes to inactivity. These days, kids get too busy with not only one or two gadgets but several: netbooks, laptops, gaming consoles, IPads and other tablets, smartphones, and many others being introduced in the market. You think news about kids spending hours and hours on end in front of their gaming consoles and PC monitors is merely exaggerated? Well, think again.

Unconsciously, we are building a society of couch potatoes. Most parents are guilty, at one time or another, of using these gadgets as their kids’ nannies, leaving them to play online, surf the internet, use gaming consoles for considerably long hours just so their kids would have something to do while we parents are likewise busy with our own activities. It may be hard to admit, but we have practically used these gadgets to our own convenience, without really thinking about their adverse effects on our children.

More and more children out there are leading sedentary lifestyles, and worse, parents are actually tolerating, if not altogether encouraging them to do so. We have heard of cases of obesity, early onset of hypertension, heart ailments, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and other such illnesses in kids at an alarming rate.

It is high time we find both the right environments and opportunities for our children to engage in physical activity and do away with an inactive lifestyle before it is too late. It is not an excuse that we live in urban areas and lack enough space for physical activities for our kids (and even ourselves). It should be our duty to find ways to encourage and actually let them engage in exercises, whether it’s just in your neighborhood or a short drive from your locality.

If you have even just a sufficient area in your home or yard, and find it difficult to make time to bring them out, then choosing the right play set is now imperative. You should be strongly encouraging your kids to engage in physical activity, and what better way to do that but to be a good example yourself. With the right play set, you can have fun and bond with your kids, and make them become more interested in physical fitness without imposing rules that they might try to resist. Even without expressly saying that they need to lessen their hours in front of the TV or their gadgets, if you set a playtime for them (and especially so with you), there is no doubt they will readily agree to such fun time. Why not start today?

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