Beyond Syria News: From Social Security to Personal Security

The current situation in Syria is no secret to the rest of the global community. And even amidst facing their own country’s battles, people couldn’t help but make a comment as to Syria’s worsening situation and where it is headed. What’s even more heart-breaking is the fact that innocent people including children have been victimized by the nonsensical feats of anger and revenge between contrasting parties.

Such information is indicative of the need of civilian people to arm themselves and not rely on the government anymore in terms of achieving security when the government itself becomes the threat. It is in no way different for countries that do not have to suffer civil wars but have day to day threats that impede their lives from being normal. Life threatening occurrences like bombings and air strikes should be reason enough to fuel civilians’ goal to protect themselves without the intervention of those in authority. Things as simple as listening to newscast about the latest situation, maintaining protection kits, securing alarm system, to more herculean ones such as staying on safer grounds and vacating places of imminent danger when told, people should be ready to safeguard themselves. Such things would not even require them to have rigorous training.

It is surprising that there is no nationwide level alert system in the US. Typically, sirens are controlled on local level, or, in the case of Hawaii, state level. They are commonly used to advise residents of approaching natural disasters and even military attack intimidations which are rare in the country. In other areas such as the Midwest and the south, they are used to warn the public to take refuge in the event a tornado occurs. Such are required in areas within a ten-mile radius of nuclear power plants. Coastal communities use siren systems to warn of incoming tsunamis. In the South and East Coast they are used to notify people about approaching hurricanes. Most cities in the US occasionally sound their sirens as a way to ensure its efficiency. Some volunteer fire departments in the countryside use sirens to call volunteers to get together at the firehouse. Some though have put the use of sirens to rest as technological advancements continue to rise. However, there are still those who remain free-standing from the limits of wireless communications and depend on sirens to stimulate the volunteer brigade.

With the on-going problem in Syria one might conclude that intervention by another force such as the United States of America must be entertained. However, Americans find this a horrendous idea given the threats of the rebel groups to take the problem to even greater lengths. In June of this year, the death toll in Syria has already reached 100,000 according to the United Nations. In an estimate by various opposition activist groups, around 80 to 110,000 people have been slain, half of whom were civilians. The dizzying numbers continue to rise as to the death of both army groups, civilian protesters and rebel groups. In a recent record provided by the UN, about 4 million Syrians have been displaced outside the country and 2 million have escaped to other territories. International groups have indicted both government and opposition forces of severe violation of human rights. In culmination, the UN has placed great blame on the government pointing to them as the greatest oppressors of the people.
Perhaps it would be best to look at the situation and pick up from there. Everybody recognizes that what is happening in Syria is totally wrong and devoid of emotion. But civil wars are inevitable especially in a country under volatile conditions. In the United States, people have been witness to several acts of terrorism which continue to haunt them. Thus, it is but normal for any individual to be overprotective and constantly worried about their safety at all times.

The key to saving lives from any perilous situation may it be in Syria or in the US is to be well informed and watchful. Prevention as they say is always better than cure. More than the civil war going on now, it is imperative that people do not lose their focus and channel their energies into continuously finding ways to prevent danger from escalating to death tolls and the like. In conclusion, the Syria situation isn’t something that people can just let pass. Instead, it should serve as a vicarious learning experience; A lesson not only for those in the US but everyone who is fortunate enough not to have to wake up and sleep on flames or worse poisonous chemical gases. In the end, the best way to deal with any dangerous situation is to recognize its existence and the fact that something should be done about it.

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